Staggart Creations Updates

Fantasy Adventure Environment demo

The asset pack has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store for review. In the meantime a playable demo is available, where you can explore the area as seen in the showcase video: This application also serves as a benchmarking tool. After you run the benchmark, your system specs and framerate score will be collected in a database. This information will help me gauge the performance...

Grass features overview

One of the most prominent features of the Fantasy Adventure Environment asset pack is it’s grass. A lot of iteration was needed to achieve desired the stylized character, while still allowing full artistic control. I’m happy to share the list of features you will be able to enjoy when the asset pack release on the Unity Asset Store! Wind animation, controllable through central “Wind manager” scene...

Creating retro graphics using Substance and shaders

Last weekend I took some time out to practise some asset production. I often find myself creating or learning something useful along the way when I do. What started out as a curiosity about using Substance Designer to create pixel art, ended up as a homage to Guild Wars 2’s April Fool’s gag: the Super Adventure Box (SAB).

Fantasy Adventure Pack is in full swing!

The upcoming Unity environment asset pack is getting some attention, after having to focus my efforts on other projects. The only way to achieve animated, stylized, vegetation in Unity is to either use SpeedTree or the integrated Tree Editor. Both of which come with their own set of limitations. Which sparked the creation of custom shaders, featuring bi-directional wind animations and simulated Subsurface Scattering. This asset...


Took a day off, because I was concentrating too much on responsibilities, and had not made any art in a while. So I decided to return to a low poly style with subtle use of textures.

Team Racing League

Team Racing League is a team-based, top-down multiplayer party game (quite a mouthful!). In the main game mode, two teams of three players take on each other. Only one team member needs to finish all the laps, which allows other team members to choose to obstruct the other team. 

Unreal Engine 4 discovery project

For my minor project I focusing on streamlined and procedural asset production for environments. As well as starting to discover Unreal Engine 4. Rocks are modeled and textured procedurally and the foliage is done with SpeedTree. Every material is created with Substance Designer. Materials I wanted to be able to create stylized rock looks with the ability to add a lot of diversity. I spent quite some...

Save the Zoo

Save the Zoo is an educational game for kids, age 6 to 12. The aim is to teach kids where electromagnetic technology is applied to locate objects of a certain kind. The player must choose the right device in order to successfully complete assignments as a zoo guard. Created for the HEIM Technical Museum (currently playable on their consoles).