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Interview on 80 Level

80 Level is a central hub for resources about the various aspects of game development. They invited me to talk about my principles and approach toward art production. You can find the interview here:    

Unity Awards nomination

  The “Fantasy Adventure Environment” was selected as a finalist in the “Asset Store Best Artistic Content” category for the Unity Awards 2017. If you’d like to support it, your vote is appreciated! VOTE HERE The winners of each category will be announced at Unite Austin October 3-5, 2017.

Creating retro graphics using Substance and shaders

Last weekend I took some time out to practise some asset production. I often find myself creating or learning something useful along the way when I do. What started out as a curiosity about using Substance Designer to create pixel art, ended up as a homage to Guild Wars 2’s April Fool’s gag: the Super Adventure Box (SAB).

Fantasy Adventure Pack is in full swing!

The upcoming Unity environment asset pack is getting some attention, after having to focus my efforts on other projects. The only way to achieve animated, stylized, vegetation in Unity is to either use SpeedTree or the integrated Tree Editor. Both of which come with their own set of limitations. Which sparked the creation of custom shaders, featuring bi-directional wind animations and simulated Subsurface Scattering. This asset...