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Stylized Water 2

Stylized Water 2
Version: 1.6.3

1.Stylized Water 2 #

Thank you for licensing Stylized Water 2!

  • Curious about the difference between this and the original Stylized Water Shader asset? See the blog post

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A few notes:

  • Scripting knowledge is not required to use this asset. Any reference to scripts or an API assumes familiarity with C# scripting. Neither the documentation or support can cover basic scripting help.
  • Adding the package to a public repository (GitHub) is a license violation and will subject you to an automatic DMCA takedown-request. Please omit the files, or keep the repository private.
  • Source code may be altered freely to suit your needs. Though you are strictly forbidden to copy or reference the content for creating new Asset Store publications.
  • All the demo content is authored for desktop/console level graphics. Mobile-specific content is unfortunately not possible, while a scene and its content may be perfectly optimized for mobile, a project’s configuration may absolutely not be. In order to avoid confusion and alleged false claims, this is simply not attempted at all. See also the Performance Guidelines section
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Last updated on May 8, 2024
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