Refund policy

A store page is carefully drafted to outline what an asset does, and does not. If applicable, a more extensive “compatibility” page is linked. Please read this before purchase to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

This policy attempts to clarify the asset store EULA‘s legal jargon and specifies the practical cases that it does, or does not cover.

As agreed upon at checkout, Asset Store sales are final as per the EULA section 2.2.9 . Since digital purchases cannot be returned once downloaded, it’s required to agree to waive the right to a refund. Clicking the “Download” button finalizes this agreement.

This because it is impossible to ensure the package files are deleted after a refund is issued (no DRM system). Keeping both my work and its monetary value is not a fair trade. Therefore, some conditions must be met in order to avoid abuse or supporting impulsive purchases:

Conditions that justify a refund:

  • You have not yet downloaded the asset. No further reason required. This is verified through the invoice number.
  • Accidental on wrong account (only valid if not yet downloaded).
  • The asset was removed from the store within 4 weeks of purchasing (aka deprecated).
  • The asset fails to work as advertised, or there is a vital incompatibility with existing systems (within the confines of the supported platforms, capabilities and versions). And cannot be resolved in a future update or a hotfix.

Situations where refunds aren’t justified:

  • You appear to not have read, misread or misunderstood the store page description, or otherwise failed to inform yourself through the linked online documentation. This includes details such as:
    • Minimum/maximum compatible or supported Unity versions
    • Compatible and/or supported platforms
    • Scriptable Render Pipeline compatibility (including the standard/built-in RP)
    • Listed features and limitations (sometimes expanded on in the “Technical details” section)
    • Required asset dependencies (in the case of extensions/add-ons)
  • The asset is no longer being used (eg. project cancelation, switching engines/render pipelines)
  • The asset in question went on sale, shortly after a full-price purchase was made.

If you find you are in accordance with these conditions, please get in touch with the basis of your request.

Refunds aren’t technically possible after 3 months and won’t be accepted by Unity support.


Last revision: October 4th 2021 (wording)