Please keep in mind that personal support is complementary and not a paid-for service. Documentation is freely available, and regularly improved upon based on user feedback. It serves as your first stop for instructions, functionality overviews and troubleshooting.

Documentation pages

  • Compatibility details
  • Setup instructions & requirements
  • Usage instructions for features/components
  • Scripting overview (if applicable)
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ

You can access the documentation of any asset by hovering over it, and selecting it from the dropdown

Within an asset’s root folder a hotlink may also be available, double-click this to open the related webpage

Free assets typically have a publicly available PDF instead

Frequently asked questions

How long are assets supported and maintained?

Difficult to say, it primarily depends on changes made to Unity. If an asset completely falls over in a new version it may be supported up to that version. Possibly a revised (paid) upgrade or successor is developed.

  • On the asset store, you should always go off what the description says it does, and supports what it says it supports on the day you purchase a license for it. Indefinite support is not realistic, paid upgrades for continued support are reasonable to expect.
  • Historically, assets have had a development lifetime of 3-6 years. After which, their backlog is usually exhausted and they’ve reached complete maturity, or revenue is no longer sufficient to warrant further development.
  • Assets that are no longer actively developed, yet work fine in new Unity versions, will receive minor updates and fixes (usually to fix code warnings).
  • More often than not, many lessons will have been learned after a few years of development. A new asset, to succeed it, will become a pursuit to consider.
Which Unity versions are supported?

On the store page, the minimum required Unity version is listed:

Unity’s Package Manager will still allow you to import it into older versions! Do not do this! Script compile- or shader errors may occur.

Please always check the “compatibility” page linked in the description! This goes into detail about which versions are supported.

The minimum supported version will be raised when/if:
– Support for a newer version makes backwards compatibility a nightmare.
– Unity drops support for it (LTS term has ended).
– The percentage of spending users on the Asset Store, using this version drops below 10%.
– Console SDK’s (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, etc) no longer allow games to be published using this version.

Alpha, beta and preview versions of Unity are to be used at your own risk, they are not supported. Once a release version is available, support will be verified and an update may follow with fixes.

A maximum supported version may be set if:
– Compatibility with a new version of Unity isn’t possible, where a redesign is required (eg. new rendering API, deprecating the current one).
– Backwards compatibility with older versions cannot be provided.

Can this asset do X?

Please do feel free to ask for clarification on any of the listed features, or about anything not explicitly mentioned.

On the store page, the “Technical Details” section also holds some key information worth checking.

Does this asset support X?

There is often a “compatibility” page linked at the top of an asset’s description. This covers all known details extensively and is updated should anything change.

Can I get a refund?

Regarding refunds, please see the asset store refund policy first.

How can I get a free voucher?

Requests for free vouchers really aren’t constructive and will have to go unanswered.

For educational purposes, or events, you should contact the asset store staff directly. They may (after inviting publishers to participate) provide you with a number of vouchers.

Only 12 vouchers are made available every year, so they are strictly used for publisher collaboration, and organized giveaway events.

Are you available for custom or freelance work?

Though the consideration is appreciated, I’m not looking to pick up contracting/commissioned work in the foreseeable future. The asset store really does occupy all of my time and interest 🙂

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