Should you run into any issues or have questions/feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out! I will do my best to respond as soon as I can. The documentation for any asset, has a troubleshooting/FAQ section which covers most questions already.

Due to an increasing amount of messages: general Unity/rendering questions, or questions already answered on the store page/documentation unfortunately will have to go unanswered. 

  • For questions that aren’t specific to an asset, and regard general use of Unity or performance optimization, please refer to the Unity documentation or consult the forums/reddit/discord. I’m otherwise available for consulting at a rate of €55,-/half-hour (ex VAT), feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment.
  • There is a “compatibility” page linked at the top of an asset description. This covers all known details extensively.
  • Regarding refunds, please see the asset store refund policy first.
  • Requests for free vouchers aren’t constructive and will go unanswered.


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Please keep in mind that I’m in the CET timezone and reserve evenings and weekends for personal time. Contract work on any given day generally has priority attention and may delays response times.