Stylized Water 2 – Underwater Rendering docs

Stylized Water 2 - Underwater Rendering (Extension)

Stylized Water 2 - Underwater Rendering
Author: jonathan
Version: 1.0.0
Dated: 17 May 2021

1.Getting Started #

The asset is currently pending review by the asset store. Review times are currently very long, hopefully it goes up in early august

At this point you should already have the Stylized Water 2 package installed. The Underwater extension will import into its folder, without this installed first, you’ll of course be presented with a variety of errors.

The minimum version requirement of the Stylized Water 2 base asset is v1.1.2.

Initial set up

Ensure the water mesh(es) in the scene have the “Water Object” component attached to them.

To enable underwater rendering in a scene, go to Window → Stylized Water 2 → Set up underwater renderer.

Assign the material that is used in the scene and set the water level to match the Y-position (in world-space!) of the water mesh. If there is only 1 water object in the scene, the water material and level will be automatically configured for you.

A notification with quick-fix button will be displayed if any other set up is required.

You’re now set! The waterline and underwater fog will automatically render once the bottom of the screen touches the water.

For the best visual quality, ensure Refraction and Reflections are enabled on the water material

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Last updated on July 19, 2021
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