Stylized Water 2 – Underwater Rendering docs

Stylized Water 2 - Underwater Rendering (Extension)

Stylized Water 2 - Underwater Rendering (Extension)
Version: 1.2.4

1.Compatibility #

Please also check the compatibility page for Stylized Water 2. The sections below are specific to Underwater Rendering extension asset.

Unless stated here, you can safely assume compatibility details for the base asset also apply to this extension

Base asset
At this time, the minimum version requirement of the Stylized Water 2 base asset is v1.5.2. Using an older version will likely cause console errors.

Third-party integrations
The only exception, compared to the water shader, is that these asset aren’t compatible:

  • Atmospheric Height Fog*
  • COZY Weather (fog)*
  • Curved World 2020
  • WaveMaker

*Editing of shader files for this asset is required to incorporate support for the Underwater Rendering extension (see Transparent Materials).

Camera use cases

  • Works with both perspective and orthographic cameras. For an orthographic camera, the near plane value must be higher than 1. Arguably, orthographic cameras pose a small use case. The asset is not developed as a side-scroller water solution.
  • The effect works with split-screen cameras, since it renders on a per-camera basis.
  • Overlay cameras are not supported, due to limitations imposed by URP camera stacking system. Instead, underwater rendering will be skipped for any objects on an overlay camera. First person objects can be rendered using the Render Objects render feature, which will work perfectly.

Not supported. Due to the nature of the rendering involved to achieve the effects, it’s not suited for mobile performance targets.

Even with all bells and whistles disabled performance will be at a critical point, not leaving much room for other things. I’ve observed this on Quest 2 and a Samsung S21.

It can be pinpointed to the effect requiring a full-screen buffer copy, which taxes the available GPU bandwidth. This is fairly common on low-end/mobile hardware.

Virtual/Mixed reality
Single Pass Instanced and Multiview rendering are both supported. Though it’ll only work correctly using Unity 2021.2+ due to a bug in older versions.

Fog post processing effects
See this page.

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Last updated on November 13, 2023
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