Save the Zoo

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Save the Zoo is an educational game for kids, age 6 to 12. The aim is to teach kids where electromagnetic technology is applied to locate objects of a certain kind. The player must choose the right device in order to successfully complete assignments as a zoo guard. Created for the HEIM Technical Museum (currently playable on their consoles).

My responsibilities included:

  • World building
  • Post effects, rendering optimization
  • Feedback effects
  • 3D Assets
    • Vegetation (Rocks, trees)
    • Characters (Player and NPC)
    • Zoo props (ex. buildings and animals)
    • Low poly terrain
    • Habitats
    • HUD
  • Programming
    • Random NPC creator (Substance Designer, C#)

All textures were with created in Substance Designer, modeling was done in Zbrush and Maya



Safari kit

Arctic kit

General zoo kit

Art style tests

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