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Spline Mesher
Version: 1.1.2

2.Getting Started #


At all times you must ensure your project is free of any console errors. Unresolved code errors will prevent this asset’s scripts from compiling. This results in all of its functionality remaining unavailable.

Project Setup

Ensure you have the Splines (v2.4.0) package installed.

If the asset is imported without this package installed, demo scene content may have been broken. Reimport the demo scene from the asset store if this is the case (after installing the package).

In Unity 2021.3 you will not see the option to install the Splines package, because Unity does not support it there (though it appears to work fine!).

You can, however, install it manually like so:

Using this asset with 2021, whilst error-free, is not supported. It is not tested on nor subject to support.

    Scene Setup

    This tool use Unity’s native spline system. Familiarity with it is assumed here. Fortunately, it is rather straightforward to work with.

    You can find a quick-start guide here:  Quick start

    You’ll need to know how to:

    • Create a Spline object
    • Use its editor tool
    • Insert new knots

    Converting a Mesh to a Spline Mesh

    Any input mesh you use is expected to already be correctly set up for use in Unity. See the Mesh Preparation section.

    On any Mesh Filter component, you can access a quick set up option under the context menu:

    What it does:

    • (Optional) Adds a new Spline Container
    • Adds a Spline Mesher component and assigns the spline and input mesh.

    You can also add the Spline Mesher component manually to any other object. You will have to assign a Mesh Filter and Spline Container reference for it to work with.

    Converting a Spline to a Spline Mesh

    On a Spline Container component, you can access the “Add Spline Mesher” option.

    Mesh editing

    With the new spline mesh created, you’ll already notice that the geometry reacts to the Spline’s shape as you adjust it. This is the crux of the workflow, but the Spline Mesher component holds various others settings.


    • The Spline Mesher and Spline Container components do not necessarily need to be on the same object. Neither does the Output Object!
    • Scaling the Spline Container object is supported, but this only yields correct results if the Target Object is entirely separate

    Next steps

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