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Spline Mesher
Version: 1.1.2

3.2.Spline Mesher component #

This component is a front-end for deforming a mesh along a spline. It holds all the various settings that control the mesh generation output. Which it outputs to a Mesh Filter component on the assigned Output Object.

Mark the output GameObject as “Static” if you need lightmap UV’s generated for it.


Here you can enable the generation of a collider mesh.

The “Box” type creates a box mesh out of the input mesh’s bounds.

Using a custom collider mesh is almost always the best.

For example, a fence may benefit from a rounded top, so players can’t stand on them and slide off. A sidewalk may need sloped sides, so characters can smoothly walk up them.


Generally, a mesh is repeated and X number of times along the spline. As many times as it fits.


Controls aspects of how the mesh is deformed along the spline.

The “Offset” parameter is most useful for creating multiple meshes along a shared spline. For example, guard rails next to a road.


This remaps the spline’s sample position to the geometry underneath it though raycasts. For instance, snapping a fence to the curvature of a terrain.


It’s possible to call functions from other scripts, either before the mesh is being rebuild and/or after.

For example, you may want to update other aspects of your workflow once a mesh is finished rebuilding. For example, if a fence makes up an enclosure for animals, you may want to update a navmesh after it has been changed.

See the Scripting section for more details.

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Last updated on May 13, 2024
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