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Stylized Grass Shader

Stylized Grass Shader
Version: 1.4.4

3.Getting started #


If the Universal Render Pipeline isn’t installed, or outdated, you will be automatically prompted to do so.

Ensure your project is in fact using the Universal Render Pipeline. Go to Edit->Project Settings->Graphics to check if a pipeline asset has been assigned (it may be named differently)

If this is not the case, please refer to the URP documentation for instructions.

Note: the choice of render pipeline should be a well-informed decision early in a project. Switching to URP mid-production means other custom shaders may fail to work. Realistically, you should already be using URP before buying/using this asset.

Go ahead and add the “Grass Render Feature” render feature to your pipeline, this is needed to use the grass bending functionality. But it also handles a few shading aspects by passing rendering state information down to the shader.


The _Demo folder contains two demo scenes that showcase the shader in action. This is a good place to try and experiment with the different shader parameters.

The Prefabs folder contains several grass/flower and bending prefabs which you can use right away.

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Last updated on June 20, 2023
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