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Stylized Grass Shader

Stylized Grass Shader
Version: 1.4.0

6.Third party integrations #

You can find the option to activate an integration at the bottom of any grass material:

Note that this modifies the grass shader file itself, so it’s not an option on a per-material basis. After updating the asset, you’re required to repeat this step.

Vegetation Studio (Pro)

When selecting a vegetation item in a biome using this shader, a “Stylized Grass” tab will be available. This allows you to override specific material parameters for the item.

Note that some parameters, like the lighting mode or other feature toggles, aren’t available here. For these changes to become active, make them on the related grass material, then refresh the vegetation item. This will also revert all parameter overrides.

Nature Renderer 2020

To use Nature Renderer’s “Procedural Instancing”, the Nature Renderer integration must be active.

It’s best to perform this action while Nature Renderer isn’t already active and using the shader. Otherwise it requires to close and re-open the scene.

Nature Renderer 2021

Without the integration active, grass items will appear to render in front of the camera and with severely poor performance.

GPU Instancer

This also requires to switch integrations as outlined above. Enabling this will allow you to use the terrain detail system with any of the included prefabs.

Curved World 2020

Support for this has been added in version 1.1.1, and has to be activated through the “Activator” tab in the Curved World window. It should point to the Assets\Stylized Grass Shader\Shaders folder.

After which, options will appear in the material UI under the “Vertices” tab.

Grass bending is not supported, this will continue to use a “flat” representation of the world

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Last updated on February 2, 2023
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