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Fantasy Adventure Environment
Version: 1.5.7

Shaders #

All shaders have been made using Amplify Shader Editor, and thus can be modified using it. Please make sure you are using the latest version from as this can avoid a lot of headaches.

Please note that I cannot provide support for the use of ASE and modified shaders are no longer subject to user support.

The shaders included in the package can be found under the “FAE” section in the shader dropdown list.


This shader is only available for the built-in render pipeline. The Stylized Grass Shader offers a grass solution for the URP and includes this feature

Used by the grass. Features light transmission, wind animations, bending and the heightmap/pigment map functionality.


Used by the vegetation. Features color variation through wind, bending, light transmission and wind animations. This can be used for grass as well.

Tree Branch

Shader used on the tree branches, which enables wind animation and stylized rendering.

Tree Trunk

Simple PBR shader, uses the Albedo map’s alpha channel for the roughness.

This shader is required on a tree for the global wind motion to work.


Features a tri-planar projected color map, and detail normals. Roughness is sampled from the albedo map’s alpha channel.

Cliff Coverage

Same functionality as the Cliff shader, but with the addition of a coverage feature


Opacity is controlled by a distance factor from the surface, to the camera. Optional texture slot.


Used with the Sunshaft/Long and Sunshaft/Short assets.

Cross-pans a sun shaft texture horizontally. And features distance and intersection fading. The Directional Light’s color’s alpha channel controls the intensity of the effect.

Sunshaft particle

Does much of the same as the Sunshaft shader but is tailored to be used with a ParticleSystem. Where the “Color over lifetime” feature can be used to fade out the sunshaft through the alpha channel.

The Directional Light’s color’s alpha channel controls the intensity of the effect.


A simplified version of the Stylized Water Shader, considered to be a “lite” version of the complete package. Limited in functionality and customization.

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Last updated on February 15, 2020
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