Stylized Water Shader

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Highly customizable to suit your art direction through various parameters. This package focuses on providing artistic freedom, rather than a realistic water simulation. 

NEW Version 2.0! 
• 3 new demo scenes
• Revamped desktop shader
• 4 water VFX assets
• New mobile shader (up to 37% faster)
• Single-Pass Stereo Rendering support
• Orthographic camera support
• Lighting modes (Unlit/Basic/Advanced)
• Shadow transmission
• Vertex painting support
• Water particle effects
• UX improvements
• Reflection blurring
• Tiling reduction (Desktop)
• Color gradient feature
• Improved wave animations (Desktop)
• Custom heightmap option 

Read all about the update here 

The style can be customized through a set of built-in textures, as well as by adding your own. These are automatically packed into channels, making this package customizable and lightweight. 

Also includes a mobile shader where features can be disabled to suit your performance target. Minimum requirement is OpenGL ES 3.0. 

== Colors ==
The water can be colored from shallow to deep through color fields, or through an integrated gradient editor. 

The material reacts to lighting conditions accordingly. Supports GI and Reflection Probes. 

== Intersection ==
Objects intersecting with the water, such as shores and rocks automatically receive a foam effect. Features several techniques for achieving this effect, more details in documentation 

• Custom inspector, intuitive design
• Intersection effect with other objects
• Surface foam
• Orthographic camera support
• Advanced and Simple lighting modes
• Refraction (Desktop only)
• Planar reflections with blurring (Desktop only, excl VR)
• Shadow transmission from Directional Light
• Shallow wave animation (GPU)
• 8 built-in normal maps
• 7 built-in intersection textures
• 5 built-in wave heightmaps
• UV-based tiling or World-space (endless water) 

• Island, lake and pond example scenes
• Desktop shader
• Mobile shader
• 4 matching water particle effects (splashes and circles) including shader. 

WARNING! Does not support:
• Buoyancy
• Point/Spot lights
• Lab Renderer
• Reflections in VR (SPR)
• Spherical water
• Scriptable Render Pipeline 

As seen in:
• The Trail
• Shotgun Farmers
• Re:Legend 

Would you like me to see where you’re using it? Submit a game for the porfolio!



Easily the best water solution.

The level of customization of this water is pretty much everything I could want. You have control over surface ripples, surface foam style, surface shine, depth transparency, among different other things to give you nice looking water for your particular project's needs. Support (if necessary) is fast and performance seems great. If you realise you don't have the outline effects of objects you place in the water, make sure you add the "EnableDepthBuffer" script to your camera, otherwise you won't have any Intersection effects. I made this mistake, but it's easily corrected as the script is part of the package (and is stated in the short startup guide). Easily one of the best assets I've purchased.

By: SuitMonkey on 2017-10-24

Great Developer

This asset is simply amazing. If you are looking for a stylized water shader, then this is the one to get. Between great looks, support and customization, it's hard not to love this product. Staggart Creations has made a number of great products privately for developers and this is currently the best asset he has released on the store. I look forward to the new flow direction feature that will be added as well as the real-time reflections. Overall great product with great support, excellent performance and awesome customization options! Great job Staggart!

By: seanweech on 2017-07-14

Great Asset

The shader works well on mobile and the developer was very quick to answer support email!

By: Afroman on 2017-06-13


It's fully customizale, with demo and it's ready to use, really nice wave effect and it's perfect for Toonish style. a must to have ! 🙂

By: MaximilianPs on 2017-05-12


Looks great, performs brilliant, and the support and help from the creator is top notch!

By: RamSteelwood on 2017-05-04


That water shader so amazing. Using it in mine mobile project. Works well even without DepthBufferScript on camera (in my case).

By: vARDAmir88 on 2017-04-18

I love it

Not the most realistic water shader on the asset store, but maybe the nicest. It gives a ton of artistic control, which is fantastic. For huge bodies of water like oceans, the fact that the waves are very simplistic becomes a little bit of a problem, you can see repetition. For smaller bodies like pools and ponds it's perfect.

By: brisingre on 2017-04-18

Great Lightweight Water Shader

Very customizable, giving my game a great look! Responsive support as well! Highly recommend!

By: Schlumpy on 2017-04-13

Amazing shader

Works out of the box and all the settings are clear and simple. Love the world tiling feature, and it is very fast. Brilliant work, you!

By: IgorAherne on 2017-04-11

Fantastic value for $10

All the options and customization you could need.

By: Anthony on 2017-03-02

Looks Great!

Amazing look and very customizable, its also very very fast! The only question i have is that if I adjust the normal strength, under the surface category, It will always reset itself when I reload Unity. How can I fix that? The other settings save just fine.

By: wbarteck on 2017-01-06


Quick to download, good documentation, easy to understand instructions, several presets and it looks great. Zero complaints about this 🙂

By: Donsantos on 2016-12-29

Great shader

Very versatile and looks great, recommended!

By: samskyman123 on 2016-12-13

Awesome Shader

This water shader is simply awesome and very customizable as well. I totally recommend it to anyone looking at a stylized solution. Thanks for making this 🙂

By: nuverian on 2016-12-08

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