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Stylized Water 2
Author: jonathan
Version: 1.0.6
Dated: 22 Sep 2020

4.3.Planar Reflections #

By default, the water reflects the skybox and reflection probes. These are omni-directional and work great for conveying the curvature of the water (wave normals and the normal map greatly affect this). Though this is limited when looking to 1:1 reflect an object.

With planar reflections, mirror-like reflections are possible, because the scene is rendered from a mirrored perspective. Reflections will be blended with reflection probes, so you get best of both worlds. Visually, waves and normals will distort the reflection to create the illusion of true reflections

As the name implies, this only works for flat water surfaces (specifically, a single height).


To enable this, create an empty GameObject and go to Add Component->Stylized Water 2->Planar Reflection Renderer.

Next, assign any Water Objects you want the reflection to apply to, or click the “Auto-find” button to assign all water objects in the scene. If you have only one Water Object in the scene, it is automatically assigned for you.

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Last updated on December 19, 2020
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