Refund policy

If you’re uncertain about any of a package’s workings, or have questions before purchasing, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will do the best to my abilities to answer your questions.

This policy attempts to clarify the asset store EULA

All Asset Store sales are final as per the EULA section 2.2.9, which is agreed upon at checkout. It is impossible to ensure the package files are deleted after a refund is issued. Therefore some conditions must be met in order to avoid abuse:

Examples that justify a refund:

  • You have not yet downloaded the package (verified through invoice number).
  • Accidental purchase, or on wrong account (only valid if not yet downloaded).
  • There is a vital incompatibility (within the confines of the supported platforms and capabilities) with existing systems and cannot be resolved in a future update or a hotfix.

Requests are declined if:

  • The invoice date exceeds 14 days prior to the request.
  • You appear to not have read (or misread) the store description (“as advertised”), or otherwise failed to inform yourself through the freely available online documentation. This includes details such as:
    • Minimum/maximum compatible or supported Unity versions
    • Compatible or supported platforms
    • Scriptable Render Pipeline compatibility (Built-in/LWRP/URP/HDRP)
    • Listed features and limitations
  • The package contents are claimed to no longer be used.
  • The package in question went on sale shortly after a full-price purchase was made.

If you find you are in accordance with these conditions, please get in touch and state the basis of your request.


Last revision: May 12th 2020