Refund policy

If you’re uncertain about any of the package’s workings, or have any questions before purchasing, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will do the best to my abilities to answer your questions.

Should we conclude that any issue you’re having with a package cannot be resolved. Or you are dissatisfied with the package, you’re free to request a refund.

All Asset Store sales are final as per the EULA (2.2.9). It is impossible to ensure the package files are deleted after a refund is issued. Therefore some conditions must be met in order to avoid abuse:

Examples that constitute a refund:

  • The user requests a refund and has not downloaded the asset (verified through invoice number)
  • There is a vital incompatibility (within the confines of the supported platforms) with existing systems and cannot be resolved in a future update

The right is reserved to decline refund requests if:

  • The invoice date exceeds 14 days prior to the request
  • The concerned package was in beta at the time of the request
  • User appears to not have read or misread the store description, or otherwise failed to inform her/himself through the online documentation. This includes details such as:
    • Minimum/maximum Unity versions
    • Compatible or supported platforms
    • Scriptable Render Pipeline compatibility
    • Listed features and limitations
  • The package contents are claimed to no longer be used
  • The package in question went on sale after a full-price purchase was made

If you find you are in accordance with these conditions, please get in touch with your request.


Last revision: June 21th 2019