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Wire Builder
Version: 1.0.2

5.Troubleshooting #

When I open the demo scene, all the wires and objects are pink

The materials created for the demo are created for the standard/built-in render pipeline. If you’re using the Lightweight- or Universal Render Pipeline, go to Help -> Wire Builder to automatically reconfigure the related materials.

Wire editor isn’t working, not registering any mouse-over events

Be sure to the “Always Refresh” option is enabled for the scene-view, otherwise the UI only repaints when a key is pressed. When enabled, it repaints normally each frame.

When creating a prefab from wires, and using it in another scene, the wires are invisible

If any of the wires use a wire type that uses mesh geometry, these objects cannot be part of a prefab. This is because Unity saves procedural meshes with the scene they are created in. This is not the case for line geometry wires.

The solution is a little complex, since it requires all the wire meshes to be saved as an asset file. At the time no such system is in place and needs to be though out properly (where to save the meshes, how to name/identify them, handling overwriting, etc).

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Last updated on May 23, 2023
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