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Stylized Grass Shader
Version: 1.2.0

8.Controlling wind #


Normally, the wind settings are controlled on a per-material basis. The related settings can be found under the “Wind” section:

All the parameters have tooltips. Mouse over to view a description

It is however possible to use a Wind Zone to multiply the strength values for wind. On the Stylized Grass Renderer component, you’ll find the option to assign one:

Once a Wind Zone has been assigned, it’s “Main” parameter value will act as a multiplier for the Ambient Strength and Gust Strength parameters on all grass materials.

If in effect, a notification is also displayed in the material UI:

Usage notes

If you’re using a weather system like Enviro, you can assign the Wind Zone object is has created. Should it be necessary, you can also use the static StylizedGrass.StylizedGrassRenderer.SetWindZone() to assign a specific Wind Zone reference.

Because the wind animation is based on sine-wave trigonometry, it’s not possible to dynamically change wind speed and direction

It is recommend to now set the wind to its maximum strength (or activate a storm-like weather profile), then fine tune the wind strength on all grass materials to look right for this situation. This is to ensure that you know how the grass will behave under extreme circumstances.

Vegetation Studio

If you are using Vegetation Studio, ensure that the same Wind Zone is also assigned on the Vegetation System, under the “Environment” tab:

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Last updated on December 18, 2021
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