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SC Post Effects
Author: jonathan
Version: 2.1.8
Dated: 12 Jan 2018

5.Known Issues #


The Kaleidoscope effect doesn’t work on OpenGL at all, the reason is currently unknown.

Fog ignores water shaders and particles

This is a general 3D rendering issue. Seeing as water/particle shaders are transparent, they do not write to the depth buffer. Fog is a depth-based effect, making transparent shaders virtually invisible to it. Circumventing this is not a trivial thing to do, and would at least require the water/particle shader to be modified. Unfortunately, I cannot offer such a solution as it delves more into creating a custom renderer (eg SRP).

This occurrence is barely noticed for shallow water bodies or particles close up.

Unused shaders get included into a build

Yes, this is certainly a painpoint. You can certainly delete any effects from your project that you aren’t using. But be sure to also deleted the corresponding editor script in the SC/Post Effects/Editor/Editors folder. Effect shaders are in “Resources” folder, so they are included in a build. There’s normally no reference to these shaders, the related materials are created at runtime.

I have a solution in mind for this, but the update would require all users to delete the SC Post Effects folder before updating. This is difficult to communicate, hence this currently hasn’t be address (lesson learned though!)

Fog height doesn’t work in VR, it rotates with the HMD

This is the sole functionality that isn’t VR compatible. Technical details a side, URP doesn’t have this issue, and I’m looking to backport the related rendering code to the built-in RP.

Distance set for an effect looks different between Scene and Game view

Some effects that rely on the depth buffer (such as Edge Detection and Fog) may look slightly different in Scene View, since the far clipping plane varies, depending on your scene’s size. This means distances may be interpreted differently from your game camera.

Since Unity 2019.1 the scene view camera far clipping plane can be adjusted through the scene-view toolbar. Turn off “Dynamic Clipping”, and match the Near/Far clipping plane values to that of your game camera.

Sun Shafts
The sun shafts are cast from the skybox, from pixel color values exceeding the set threshold. If highly emissive objects are placed between the viewer and the skybox (near the sun), they will appear to cast sun shafts as well.

Fog height noise artifacts
When the camera is inside of the height fog and looking up, slight noise artifacts may show due to precision issues. Though, when using a skybox, this is barely noticeable.

Blur effect is sometimes labeled as “Amount” in the stack
It is a downright mystery why this occurs. The name for the effect is specified in the same way as other effects. It is a little inconvenient, but harmless.

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Last updated on March 4, 2021
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