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SC Post Effects
Author: jonathan
Version: 2.1.8
Dated: 12 Jan 2018

3.1.Installation #

You will be presented with the installation screen, should anything not check out, instructions will be displayed.

If the installation window doesn’t appear, or you’ve closed it, open it through the menu Help/SC Post Effects/Installation tab.

Built-in render pipeline

The Post-Processing (aka Post Processing Stack) must be installed from the Package Manager before you can continue. If this is not the case, an option will be presented to do so.

Console errors that read “Shader error in ‘Hidden/SC Post Effects/*’: failed to open source file: ‘Packages/com.unity.postprocessing/PostProcessing/Shaders/StdLib.hlsl'” can be safely ignored on import. These will be cleared once the package is installed.

Universal Render Pipeline

Unity 2019.3 or 2019.4 LTS

You can still use the Post-processing package if you have, for example, other assets that require this. Though this’ll no longer be possible in 2020.1+. If it is already installed, no further set up is required and the installer doesn’t appear. In this case, do not manually import the _URP_VolumeSystem package, this cannot work with the Post-processing stack and will rightfully throw a number console errors.

If you’re using the URP, without the Post-processing package installed, the installer will unpack a URP version of all effect scripts and overwrite the ones in the package (same as the 2020.1+ installation)

Unity 2020.1+

If you have both the URP and Post-processing package installed. Uninstall the Post-processing package through the Package Manager first! This is no longer supported by Unity and you will be presented with console errors.

The installer will pop up, if you follow it along, it will unpack a version of all effect scripts for the URP volume system.

Demo scenes

Note that the demo scenes only work with the Post Processing stack. For the URP/Volume system, unfortunately no demo content is available.

When installed you will find these in the _Demo folder. The materials used in these scene were creating using the built-in render pipeline. If you’re using a Scriptable Render Pipeline they will be rendered pink by default. To remedy this, follow these steps:

  • Select the all the materials in the SC Post Effects/_Demo/Materials folder
  • Go to Edit -> Render Pipeline -> Upgrade Selected Materials to <Pipeline used>.


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