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SC Post Effects
Author: jonathan
Version: 2.1.8
Dated: 12 Jan 2018

4.Compatibility #

Unity Versions

Minimum required version is Unity 2019.1 (due to assembly definition support), compatible up to 2021.1. Works in 2021.2.0b1 so far.

Beta and Alpha versions may work but will not be eligible for support, due to the frequent changes. Once a release version is available, the package will be retested and an update may soon follow to fix/correct any issues.

Post Processing package (Built-in RP)

A minimum of version 2.3.0 is required at the time, as installed through the Package Manager. When importing the SC Post Effects asset, you will be prompted to update the package if it is outdated. Due to an obscure bug in Unity that can cause a crash, it’s highly recommended to install the package before importing the asset.

In version 2.2.2 a bug was introduced that will regularly throw console errors and break Post Processing, this is not related to this asset

Scriptable Render Pipeline

Minimum SRP Version Built-in LWRP/URP* HDRP
5.7.2+ (Unity 2019.1) Compatible Discontinued Incompatible
6.9.2+ (Unity 2019.2) Compatible Discontinued Incompatible
7.2.1+ (Unity 2019.3) Compatible Compatible Incompatible
8.0.1+ (Unity 2020.1) Compatible Compatible Incompatible
10.2.2+ (Unity 2020.2) Compatible Compatible Incompatible
11.0.0 (Unity 2021.1) Compatible Compatible Incompatible
12.0.0 (Unity 2021.2) Alpha version Alpha version Incompatible

*A minimum of URP 7.2.1 is required

• Support for URP’s 2D Renderer requires Unity 2021.2.0b1+. Support for this was added in version 2.1.8.
• Camera stacking only works for non-depth based effects, due to design limitations in URP’s camera stacking system


Has been tested using an Oculus Rift(S) with Multi- and Single-Pass Stereo Rendering. Though, certain features or effects remain unsupported.

Effects excluded from VR compatibility:

  • Sunshafts
  • Edge Detection
  • Fog (height fog feature)
  • Cloud Shadows
  • Ambient Occlusion 2D
  • Lens Flares
  • Sketch (World-Space projection mode)
  • Kaleidoscope

Single-Pass Instanced rendering remains incompatible.


PS4/Xbox One have not been tested since I have no access to dev kits. Though, there is arguably little reason why this wouldn’t work, since the Post Processing Stack is compatible with these platforms.

Nintendo Switch is considered a mobile platform, see below.


Mobile devices are bandwidth limited, so post processing must always be used sparingly. Multi-pass effects such as Blur and Lens Flares should be avoided. Ideally, a single shader containing all the effects used in the game should be made, executed in the desired order. This package contains individual effects, so is not optimized for this purpose.

This platform has not been tested for artifacts or performance, so supported nor considered compatible. Also testing every update on a range of mobile devices is simply too time consuming for me to sustain, given the performance limitations, it is also a wasted effort.

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Last updated on August 9, 2021
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