Procedural Matcap Shader


Matcap shaders fake lighting by sourcing the final color information from a texture map. No actual light is calculated which makes this technique super fast! The lighting is fixed to the camera viewing angle, so best for static cameras

This package allows you to create such a texture through a procedural Substance material (11 kilobytes). No fiddling around in an image editor, make changes right in the editor or even at runtime!

The included shader allows a texture and normal map to be added on top of the matcap effect. Although any matcap shader will work!

• Matcap shader (including ShaderForge nodes)
• Matcap substance material

• Ramped mode (toon shading)
• Outline toggle
• Color
• Specular
• Fresnel
• Halftone effect
• Texture resolution (as low as 256px)


Nice and easy

I'm an artist and quite new to unity so I usually get overwhelmed when downloading assets from the store. This shader is simple to use and done the job beautifully.

By: FernLaw on 2017-05-18


Took me a few minutes to figure out how to make multiple shaders and assign them to mats. But man its great. It looks great and it is free. Thank you very much Jonathan!

By: Light_ on 2016-12-09