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Fantasy Adventure Environment
Version: 1.5.5

Scripts #

All scripts are in the “FAE” namespace.


The shaders used for both the trees and the vegetation utilize a custom wind animation method. In order to control this effect a “FAE_WindController” script component must be active in the scene. You can find a preconfigured prefab under the Prefabs/Effects/ folder.

For ease of use, you can find a prefab for this in the Fantasy Adventure Environment/Prefabs/Effects folder.

By keeping this object in the scene, it is possible to have different wind settings per scene. However, it is safe to remove it, as the settings will be saved in the shaders.


Used to modify the shader properties of the FAE/Cliff shader across multiple materials.

Attach this script to any object in your scene and assign the materials using the FAE/Cliff shader. The values set in the inspector are applied as you change them, or whenever the object is enabled.

For ease of use, you can find a prefab for this in the Fantasy Adventure Environment/Prefabs folder.

This could be used to, for instance, load different settings based on the scene. You could save the object as a prefab to use it as sort of a preset.


Tells the FAE/Foliage and FAE/Grass shaders from which position in the world it should bend away from, and by which strength/radius.


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Last updated on October 7, 2022
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