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Fantasy Adventure Environment
Version: 1.5.7

Foliage bending #

This feature is only available for the built-in render pipeline. The Stylized Grass Shader offers a grass solution with greatly improved persistent grass bending

The Foliage and Grass shaders support basic player interaction. In order to enable this, the “FoliageBender” script component must be attached to a GameObject in the scene, parented to the player. You can only have one of these scripts active at a time.

Once added, move it to the base/feet of your player:

You can grab the “FoliageBender” prefab found under Prefabs/Effects/.

Materials using the foliage and grass shaders feature a “BendingInfluence” parameter which determines how much influence the Grassbender has on the material.

Vegetation Studio

The grass shader supports Vegetation Studio’s TouchReact system. To enable this on the grass material check the “Use Vegetation Studio TouchReact” checkbox. For further information, please refer to the documentation:

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Last updated on February 15, 2020
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