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Fantasy Adventure Environment
Version: 1.5.7

Environment set up #

In order to recreate the demo scene’s environmental settings, the following steps can be taken.

Go to Window/Rendering/Lighting

  • Set the Environment Light source to “Color”.
  • Adjust the color to be between gray and white, until your shadows have the desired darkness. You can shift it slightly to blue if you wish, to simulate a bit of sky light.
  • Assign the FAE_Skybox material to the Skybox field. Or drag it onto the sky in the scene-view window.
  • Enable Fog, set to Exponential with a rather low value like 0.007 (Fog will only work in Forward rendering). Adjust the color to generally match the skybox.
  • Disable Realtime Global Illumination (This isn’t useful anyway with a single color ambient source)

Directional Light:

  • On your directional light, assign the FAE_Lensflare asset in the Flare field if you wish. The actual fade speed of lens flares can be configured through Window->Rendering->Lighting Settings.
  • A light intensity of 1 rarely looks good. Increase this slightly (10-20%), but make the Ambient Color in the Lighting tab a little darker when doing this to maintain contrast.

Post effects:

  • In the PostProcessingAssets folder you’ll find a readme text file with further instructions. Post processing is necessary to further control color. Namely through Tonemapping and Color Grading. The package includes a pre-made profile, which is the same as used in the demo video/screenshots.


  • Add a WindController object to your scene, for the wind animations on the trees and vegetation to work. You can do so through the menu: GameObject/3D Objects/FAE Wind Controller
  • If you’re using grass. Select your terrain and add the PigmentmapGenerator script. The first time, the pigment map will automatically be generated. If not, press the “Generate” button. This feature is only available in the built-in render pipeline.
  • (Optional) Add a CliffAppearance object to your scene, which will allow you to modify the material properties of all rocks at once. You can find a prefab for this in the Fantasy Adventure Environment/Prefabs/ folder, which is pre-configured with the default rock materials.
  • (Optional) Look for the FoliageBender prefab in the /Prefabs/Effects and drag it into your player, move the object to the feet/base of the player. This will make the grass and foliage bend away from this position. This feature is only available in the built-in render pipeline.

More detailed information on these features can be found in the scripts section.

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Last updated on December 28, 2021
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