Stylized Water 1/2 comparison

FeatureStylized Water ShaderStylized Water 2Note
Render pipelineBuilt-in onlyURP only
Shader authoringAmplify Shader EditorHand-written
Lighting/unlit mode
Orthographic camera’s
Mobile supportSW2 uses a single shader that’s scalable
VR support
Depth-based color
Intersection foamSW2 has more options
Surface foam
RefractionSW1 does not support this on mobile
Normal map
Wave animationSW2 uses procedural waves, SW1 uses heightmaps
UV- or world-space tiling
Planar reflectionsSW2 supports multiple reflections
Skybox reflectionsOnly when using Advanced shading in SW1, tied to “Smoothness” parameter
Sun reflectionsSW2 allows fine control
Vertex color painting
Color gradient textureX
Shadow receivingX
Animated causticsX
Translucency shadingX
Buoyancy supportX
Third-party fog supportX
River modeX
Low poly shadingX
Water grid componentX
Water mesh utilityX
Point lightsXSW1 supports up to 3 when using Advanced shading mode
Spot lightsX
Curved World 2020 supportX