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Version: 1.1.2

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Feature wishlist:

  • Output mesh in segments (improves culling and rendering workloads)
  • 2D Shape extrusion (2D Curve->Extruded Mesh->3D Spline mesh)

    Known issues

    • Using a Box-type collider, with subdivisions, and increasing the “Spacing” parameter results in the visual- and collision mesh being offset.
    • Using multiple splines within one container, and a source mesh with +1 material, results in it being invisible for the 2nd+ spline (limitation of MeshCombine)


    Currently, a conversion to the Job System is in R&D, hugely beneficial for performance but not trivial to realize. Some hurdles to overcome:

    • Native arrays cant be nested, so tracking triangles for submeshes needs a workaround
    • Can’t use Unity’s CombineMesh API anymore and need to reverse engineer it myself
    • Reading spline data, for mesh scale, is not Job-friendly, and this functionality needs to written
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    Last updated on May 8, 2024
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