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Stylized Water Shader

Stylized Water Shader
Author: jonathan
Version: 2.0.8
Dated: 19 Mar 2017

3.Compatibility #

Unity version
The minimum supported version is 5.6, up to 2019.2.

Beta and Alpha versions may work but will not be eligible for support, due to the frequent changes.

Scriptable Render Pipeline
The Lightweight and High-Definition render pipelines are not supported, as are custom pipelines.

The shaders have been tested using an Oculus Rift where no issues have been encountered. Planar reflections do not work in Single-Pass Stereo Rendering and are automatically disabled.

GearVR and Oculus Quest are excluded, since the Oculus SDK strips access to the depth buffer in shaders, making the water turn invisible.

The minimum hardware requirement is a GPU compatible with OpenGL ES 3.0. Devices released after 2012 support this.

The shaders offer different lighting methods, the “Unlit” and “Simple” lighting methods are best suited for mobile.

Compatible with both OpenGL and Metal

The water renders to the Transparency queue and does not contribute to the scene’s depth, as such it will not be affected by third-party fog effects.

Users have reported to have no issues on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The shaders are “surface shaders”, which means they use Unity’s internal lighting system rather than a custom one. This leads to assume the chance of any graphical or compiling issues are minimal.

I do not have access to any PS4/Xbox dev kits. So if you find yourself having any such issues, please get in touch as I’d be happy to work towards a solution!

No issues found on Nintendo Switch, the mobile shader should be used for this platform.

With the lighting mode set to “Advanced” the shader supports Skybox reflections and Reflection Probes.

Point lights and spot light are not supported, which is a limitation of transparent surface shaders.

Objects using shaders that render to the “Transparent” render queue cannot be reflected.

DirectX 9 is not supported, a minimum of Shader Model 3.5 is required. Any graphics card newer than a Radeon X1000 or GeForce 6 will support this.

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Last updated on August 21, 2019
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