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Stylized Water 2

Stylized Water 2
Author: jonathan
Version: 1.0.6
Dated: 22 Sep 2020

7.Performance guidelines #


The shader at its core is vastly optimized and will outperform anything similar you would create using Shader Graph. Though, the “Simple” shading mode is best suited for mobile. A general rule of thumb is, the more features are enabled, the longer it takes to render the water in a single frame. Modern devices can run the shader with all features enabled and not notice a difference. If you’re targeting older devices, be sure to disable any features that do not contribute to the art direction.

Intensive feature include: normal map, caustics and waves.

The shader automatically takes into account if the URP is configured to use shadows and render lights per-pixel, or per-vertex.

Planar Reflections

This involves re-rendering the scene from a different perspective, so can potentially double draw calls (shadows are not rendered). It’s important to make use of the Culling Mask field, and only reflect layers that are important for the visual result. This would require you to create new layers, and set specific objects/prefabs to these layers.

At the time the “Render Layer” dropdown in URP cannot be used for rendering. Once this functionality evolves, the Planar Reflections feature will be updated to make use of this.

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Last updated on December 13, 2020
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