Introducing SC Post Effects for the Post Processing Stack v2

A pack of 25 non-photo realistic (NPR) post effects to enhance your art style or feedback effects. Made to reap the full benefits of the Post Processing Stack v2.

=== Post Processing Stack benefits ===
• Effects work in Scene View
• Changes made in Play-mode are saved
• Profile-based settings, easily create presets
• Blend effects through local or global volumes (as in Unreal Engine 4)
• Cinemachine support
• Custom render ordering

=== Future proof ===
Both Deferred and Forward rendering are supported, as well as the upcoming Scriptable Render Pipeline.

=== Experimentation ===
The power of the PPS lies in its ability to layer many smaller effects. Experiment with the rendering order to nail a unique aesthetic for your project.

Several examples profiles are included.

=== Performance ===
Unlike the legacy Image Effects, and many other assets, the Post Processing Stack renders all effects more efficiently, by sharing common resources throughout the stack.

=== VR/AR/Mobile ===
Currently, the beta version is primarily developed for PC so the assets can mature, before exploring compatibility with other platforms.

=== Join the beta ===
Feedback helps focus and speed up development. The dedicated forum thread is the most helpful way for you to contribute.

Included effects:
• Edge detection
Highlight the edges of objects
• Fog gradient
Colors the fog by distance
• Ripples
Make the image appear to wave
• Refraction
Create cracked glass, scratches, frost etc. Several example textures are included.
• Kuwuhara
Turns the image into a painting in real-time
• Ambient Occlusion 2D
Adds self shadowing based on luminance
• Lensflares
Extend existing bloom with light streaks
• Blur
Gaussian and Box blurring
• Color split
Simulates the splitting of color channels
• Mosaic
Hexagonal and triangle patterns
• Fisheye
Buldges the screen
• Pixelize
A retro resolution effect, pseudo pixelart
• Color depth reduction
Go back to 1-16bit color mode
• Sharpen
Makes the image crisper
• Double Vision
Go crosseyed
• Color washing
Simulate psychedelic color breathing
• Overlay
Fix an image to the screen, like a helmet
• Kaleidoscope
Splits the screen up into “pie” pieces
• Invert
Invert all colors
• Black Bars
Creates a vertical/horizontal letterboxing effect
• Dithering
Creates a Lo-Fi shading effect
• Scanlines
Draw horizontal lines over the screen
• Tube distortion
Bend the image like a CRT screen
• Danger
Warn for damage or grow ice over the screen. Blood spatter and ice sample textures are included
• Screen gradient
Draws a vertical gradient over the screen

Example profiles:
• Comic book
• Night vision
• Painterly
• Psychedelic
• Retro
• Underwater

More details about the workings of these effects and known issues can be found in the documentation.

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