Stylized Water Shader

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A shader inspired by Zelda: The Windwaker, customizable to your liking through various parameters. Texture maps are sourced from a Substance material which makes this package customizable and lightweight (~50kb). All shaders are including Shader Forge nodes, so they can be edited.
Also includes two simplified shader, for low-end devices.

• Custom inspector, for ease of use
• Intersection effect with other objects
• 7 types of normal/refraction maps
• 7 built-in intersection textures
• 3 built-in wave heightmaps
• Ability to add custom textures for waves and intersection
• Depth color
• Refraction
• Wave animation
• World-space or UV-based tiling

• Documentation
• Demo scene (+30 stylized models)
• Shader Forge nodes
• Desktop shader (+Tessellation variant)
• Advanced mobile shader
• Basic mobile shader

Under development:
• Full re-write of shaders, doing away with Shader Forge
• Flow direction feature
• Orthographic camera support

Note: Does not support orthographics cameras or Lab Renderer



Great Developer

This asset is simply amazing. If you are looking for a stylized water shader, then this is the one to get. Between great looks, support and customization, it's hard not to love this product. Staggart Creations has made a number of great products privately for developers and this is currently the best asset he has released on the store. I look forward to the new flow direction feature that will be added as well as the real-time reflections. Overall great product with great support, excellent performance and awesome customization options! Great job Staggart!

By: seanweech on 2017-07-14

Great Asset

The shader works well on mobile and the developer was very quick to answer support email!

By: Afroman on 2017-06-13


It's fully customizale, with demo and it's ready to use, really nice wave effect and it's perfect for Toonish style. a must to have ! 🙂

By: MaximilianPs on 2017-05-12


Looks great, performs brilliant, and the support and help from the creator is top notch!

By: RamSteelwood on 2017-05-04


That water shader so amazing. Using it in mine mobile project. Works well even without DepthBufferScript on camera (in my case).

By: vARDAmir88 on 2017-04-18

I love it

Not the most realistic water shader on the asset store, but maybe the nicest. It gives a ton of artistic control, which is fantastic. For huge bodies of water like oceans, the fact that the waves are very simplistic becomes a little bit of a problem, you can see repetition. For smaller bodies like pools and ponds it's perfect.

By: brisingre on 2017-04-18

Great Lightweight Water Shader

Very customizable, giving my game a great look! Responsive support as well! Highly recommend!

By: Schlumpy on 2017-04-13

Amazing shader

Works out of the box and all the settings are clear and simple. Love the world tiling feature, and it is very fast. Brilliant work, you!

By: IgorAherne on 2017-04-11

Fantastic value for $10

All the options and customization you could need.

By: Anthony on 2017-03-02

Looks Great!

Amazing look and very customizable, its also very very fast! The only question i have is that if I adjust the normal strength, under the surface category, It will always reset itself when I reload Unity. How can I fix that? The other settings save just fine.

By: wbarteck on 2017-01-06


Quick to download, good documentation, easy to understand instructions, several presets and it looks great. Zero complaints about this 🙂

By: Donsantos on 2016-12-29

Great shader

Very versatile and looks great, recommended!

By: samskyman123 on 2016-12-13

Awesome Shader

This water shader is simply awesome and very customizable as well. I totally recommend it to anyone looking at a stylized solution. Thanks for making this 🙂

By: nuverian on 2016-12-08

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