Stylized Hair Shader

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A stylized shader modeled after modern hair rendering techniques. Ideal for cartoony or anime aesthetics.

Written from the ground up to run fast on mobile devices. Where most operations are done on a per-vertex basis, making this shader very efficient. Various shader features can be disabled to aid performance.

Supports Shader Model 2.0 OpenGLES2 and up.

• Custom inspector, for ease of use
• Toon- or soft shading
• Anisotropic highlight based on the Kajiya-Kay model
• Opaque or cutout rendering
• Double sided, front- or back face culling
• Directional Light, or vertex lit
• Shadow casting and receiving

• Documentation
• Demo scene + model
• Stylized Hair Shader
• A sample anisotropic diffuse and normal map

For the best specular highlight, the UVs of your hair strands must be laid out vertically.

Due to the stylistic nature of the shader, indirect lighting (light probes, Enlighten) is not supported.