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SC Post Effects
Author: jonathan
Version: 2.1.3
Dated: 12 Jan 2018

3.3.Setup using URP Volume system #

This section, assumes you’ve already installed the package as outlined here.

If you’re using the URP with the Post-processing stack installed, use this guide instead:

The following steps can also be automatically done through the Help window

Camera setup

For post processing to take effect, this checkbox must be ticked on your default camera.

Configuring an effect

Effects use the SRP Volume system to configure their settings, much like the Post Processing Stack works in the built-in render pipeline, as well as Unity’s built-in effects.

  1. Create a new volume through Create->Volume->Global Volume
  2. Assign a profile to the volume, or use the “New” button to create one
  3. To add an effect, click “Add override” and go to SC Post Effects/<Category>/<Effect name>
  4. Note that effects initialized with settings that render them invisible. An intensity/opacity/amount value will be set to 0, increase the value to start seeing an effect.
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Last updated on September 12, 2020
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