SC Post Effects

Currently this package is considered in “Beta” and is offered at a reduced price. The release price will be set at $30.

This package offers several non-photo realistic (NPR) post effects, made to reap the full benefits of the Post Processing Stack v2.

Future proof
Both Deferred and Forward rendering are supported, as well as the new (LDF/HDF) Scriptable Render Pipeline.

Unlike the legacy Image Effects, and many other assets, the Post Processing Stack renders all effects in one pass. Which only leaves out the complexity of an effect as the bottleneck.

Currently, the beta version is primarily developed for PC so that
so that the assets are thoroughly tested for any issues, before exploring compatibility with other platforms.

Join the beta
Feedback helps focus and speed up development. The dedicated forum thread is the most helpful way for you to contribute.

A download link and instructions are included in the documentation.

Using the new Post Processing Stack offers many benefits:
• Profile-based settings
• Changes made in Play-mode are saved
• Blending through local or global volumes (as in Unreal Engine 4)
• Compatible with the Scriptable Render Pipeline: future-proof.
• Cinemachine support
• Custom render ordering

Included effects:
• Edge detection
Highlight the edges of objects
• Fog gradient
Colors the fog by distance
• Ripples
Make the image appear to wave
• Color split
Simulates the splitting of color channels
• Pixelize
A retro resolution effect, pseudo pixelart
• Color depth reduction
Go back to 1-16bit color mode
• Sharpen
Makes the image crisper
• Double Vision
Go crosseyes
• Rainbow colors
Pure psychedelic nirvana
• Kaleidoscope
Splits the screen up into “pie” pieces
• Negative
Invert all colors
• Dithering
• Scanlines
Draw horizontal lines over the screen
• Tube distortion
Bend the image like a CRT screen
• Danger
Warn for damage or poison
• Screen gradient
Draw a vertical gradient over the screen

More details about the workings of these effects can be found in the documentation: xxxxxxxxx

During the beta stage the following aspects are still to be tested for compatibility:
• Mobile platforms
• VR support
• Gamma lighting
• MacOS