Procedural Matcap Texture documentation

Procedural Matcap Texture
Author: jonathan
Version: 1.0.0
Dated: 21 Mar 2017

1.Procedural Matcap Texture #

Thank you for trying out the Procedural Matcap Texture!

Please consider rating the package through your download list or leave a review at the store page once you’re familiar with it.

2.Getting started #

By selecting the ProceduralMatcap.sbsar root object you can create material instances. This way you can have a variety of different looking materials.

Simply assign the Matcap shader to your mesh’s material and assign one of the Substance texture outputs you created this way.

The shaders can be customized through the use of Shader Forge, but of course these textures will work with any other matcap shader. I highly recommend Jean Moreno’s “Free MatCap Shaders“.

Note: Unfortunately, you can’t assign the shader directly to a Substance material, it doesn’t work most of the times and can actually crash your editor. This is a limitation of the Substance integration in Unity.

3.Parameters #

Any of the parameters can be modified at runtime through the use of the Substance API

You can find the names of the parameters (much like shader keywords) by hovering over any parameters.

3.1.Color #

Name Description
Ramped shading Toon shading effect
Use single color If selected, uses only the primary color, whereas the secondary color is determined by the “Secondary color brightness” value
Secondary color brightness When using single color, this determines the secondary color brightness
Primary Primary color
Secondary Color  Secondary color
Fresnel Fresnel color

3.2.Lighting #

Name Description
Direction (X, Y) Primary light direction vector
Indirect amount Indirect light strength, comparable to ambient light
Specular Specular amount
Specular size Size of the specular reflection

3.3.Halftone #

Name Description
Enable Halftone Toggles the effect
Resolution Distance of the halftone noise
Size Circular size of the effect, similar to specular
Softness Blurs out the effect
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