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Fantasy Adventure Environment
Author: jonathan
Version: 1.3.1
Dated: 30 May 2017

Environment set up #

In order to recreate the demo scene’s environmental settings, the following steps can be taken:

Go to Window/Lighting

  • Set the Ambient Source to a white color in the Lighting tab found under Window/Lighting.
  • Enable Fog, set to Exponential with a value of 0.007 (Fog will only work in Forward rendering)
  • Assign the FAE_Skybox material to the Skybox field.
  • Disable Precomputed Realtime GI

Directional Light:

  • On your directional light, assign the FAE_Lensflare asset in the Flare field if you wish.

Post effects:

  • In the PostProcessingAssets folder you’ll find a readme text file with further instructions


  • Add a WindController object to your scene, for the wind animations on the trees and vegetation to work. You can do so through the menu: GameObject/3D Objects/FAE Wind Controller
  • Select your terrain and add the PigmentmapGenerator script. The first time, the pigment map will automatically be generated. If not, press the “Generate” button.
  • (Optional) Add a CliffAppearance object to your scene, which will allow you to modify the material properties of all rocks at once. You can find a prefab for this in the Fantasy Adventure Environment/Prefabs/ folder, which is pre-configured with the default rock materials.
  • (Optional) Look for the FoliageBender prefab in the /Prefabs/Effects and drag it into your player, move the object to the feet/base of the player. This will make the grass and foliage bend away from this position. Currently, you can only have one of these objects active at a time.

More detailed information on these features can be found in the scripts section.

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Last updated on May 30, 2019
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