Category: Development

SC Post Effects leaves beta

After the initial beta version was released in February 2018 the package has seen many changes in the form of improved effects and fixes. With 14 effects added since then. A huge thanks goes out to anyone who’s provided feedback or reported issues!

Tree billboards added to the Fantasy Adventure Environment

With the intention to make the tree assets better suitable for open landscapes, version 1.0.3 will add billboard LODs. This will allow users to have much more trees in their environments, at a much smaller performance cost. Billboards will maintain the same wind animation as the actual tree, which makes pop-in less noticeable. Color changes made to the trees, through...

Grass features overview

One of the most prominent features of the Fantasy Adventure Environment asset pack is it’s grass. A lot of iteration was needed to achieve desired the stylized character, while still allowing full artistic control. I’m happy to share the list of features you will be able to enjoy when the asset pack release on the Unity Asset Store! Wind animation,...