Staggart is a small development company, focused on providing unique and affordable game assets and tools, for fellow game developers and artists alike.

 Who am I?

  icon-user  Spearheaded by Jonathan van Immerzeel, a Technical Artist hailing from the heart of The Netherlands. I consider myself a fortunate individual who turned his hobby into his work.

Moving from project to project, building the useful and the superfluous for the fun of it, and learning from the environment as I go. I explore ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error and first-hand experience.


 What I do

   icon-keyboard-o  Coming from the Unreal Tournament modding scene, which lead up to a Computer Science and programming degree. I now find myself applying my experience and skillset in game development. During my studies at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences I worked on various projects, finding my place as a facilitation between artists and programmers.

This mix of disciplines allows me to strive towards the most efficient and flexible workflows in mind, intertwining creative art and technology.